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Closing Ceremony

18:00 Closing Ceremony

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Presentation of the film: Pepe Benítez. Technique and creativity.

16:45 -18Presentation of the film: Pepe Benítez. Technique and creativity.

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Parallel Session 2: “Dialogues between Science and Literature”

“The Magic Lantern as a Gothic Literary Instrument”
>Maria Vara (Athens School of Fine Arts)

“Sherlock Holmes saving Mr. Venizelos: Using science in an early Greek crime fiction novel”
>Sophia Denissi (Athens School of Fine Arts)

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Parallel Session 1: “Digital Humanities”

“Complex networks reveal emergent transdisciplinary knowledge in Wikipedia”
>Gustavo Ariel Schwartz (Centro de Física de Materiales CSIC-UPV/EHU)

Complex networks for transdisciplinary knowledge in Wikipedia: A longitudinal perspective
Carlos Gámez Pérez (Universitat de Barcelona)

“Decentralized Ledger Technologies for Consensus in History”
>Juan-Luis Suárez (University of Western Ontario)

“Multilingual Language Models for Poetry.”
>Javier de la Rosa, Álvaro Pérez Pozo, Laura Hernández, Aitor Díaz Medina, Salvador Ros, Elena González-Blanco (UNED)

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Lunch Break Satuday

13:00-15:00h –LUNCH BREAK

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Plenary Lecture “Science and Literature in European authoritarian regimes”

George Vlahakis (Hellenic Open University)

 presented by Dr. Carlos Gámez (AUDITORI JOSEP IRLA)

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Coffe Break

11:00-11:30h Coffe Break-Pausa

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Parallel session 2 “The politics of bodymind: cognitive approaches to film and literature”

“Body, Interiority and Affect in Memoria Histórica Cinema: Can Cinema of Empathy Advance the Cause of the Victims of Fascism?”
>Isabel Jaén Portillo (Portland State University)

“Embodied Reading: Where Are We Today?”
>Pierre-Louis Patoine (Sorbonne Nouvelle University)
“The monstrification of readership. Empathic reading and body resonance in texts with monstrous characters.”
>Benito García-Valero (Alicante University)

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Parallel session 1 “Physics, Chemistry and Literature”

“Refractions of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity on William Faulkner’s works.”

>Teresa Sauri  & Eusebio Llácer (Universitat de València)

“Flatland and Chemistry.”

>Miquel Duran (Girona University) & Fernando Blasco (Universidad Politécnica, Madrid)

“Primo Levi’s Other Double Bond: Chemistry and Literature in Horrible Times.”

>Kostas Tampakis (National Hellenic Research Foundation)