Chair: Juan F. Campo (Càtedra de Ciències i Humanitats Dr. Bofill. Universitat de Girona.)


The Chromatic Contrast of the First Mural about the History of Cardiology (1944) by Diego Rivera (1866-1957)

Javier Castro & Justo Hernández (La Laguna University)


Dengue fever in 1889 in Smyrna and its description in the satirical poem of Miltiades Emmanuel (1825-1916)

Konstantinos Konstaantopoulos (Hellenic Open University)


Fantasies of Life Extension: New Lives in New Bodies

Aline Ferreira (Aveiro University)


“Shreds of the Decidua”: Layers of Maternal Anatomy in Victorian Female Poetry

Sarah Wegener (Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz)