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Parallel session 2: “Science Issues and Literature”

“Dr. Micrococus o cómo aprender a dejar de preocuparse y amar la pócima. Regeneracionismo distópico en dos cuentos de Ramón y Cajal.”
>Julio Salvador Salvador (Complutense University, Madrid)

Science and Literature: Innovative methodological approaches for teaching Sciences
>Manolis Kartsonakis (The Hellenic Open University)

Some aspects of a dystopian science
>Rodrigo Guimarães Soares (UFSC)

“Expressive Writing in the Intercultural Context.”
>Dustin Helberg (University of the Bahamas) & Margaret LeMay (Boise State University)

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Parallel session 1: “Scientific Poetry and Experiments with Epic Form”

“Life built herself a myriad forms”: Epics of Gestation and Co-Operation in Late Nineteenth-Century Women’s Poetry”.
>Wolfgang Funk (Johannes Gutenberg Universität, Mainz)

“Situating Selfhood in a Scientific Universe, 1925-1931.”
>Michael Whitworth (Oxford University)

“This too is poetry”: Ronald Duncan, Science and Ignorance.”
>John Holmes (Birmingham University)

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Coffe Break

17-17:15h Coffee Break  (PATI DE LES MAGNÒLIES)

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Parallel session 2: “Science in Cultural Contexts”

“Parallel universes in superhero còmics.”
>Francisco Saez de Adana (Instituto Franklin. Universidad de Alcalá)

“Divulgació de la ciència a través de la literatura.”
>Núria Ruiz Morillas (Universitat Rovira i Virgili)

“Blue Was The Water That Inked The Portuguese Route from Science to Empire.”
>Joana Lima (Lisbon University)

“A Science Implant in Fiction: Organ Transplants in Literature.”
>Xavier Duran (Scientific Journalist)

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Parallel session 1: “Audiencing: Cognitive Theories and Literary Texts”

“Narrative Empathy and the Fight Against Gender Violence.”

>Isabel Jaén Portillo (Portland State University) 

“Violence, Murders, Suicides and the Making of a “Best-seller” in the Early Days of the Printing Press: Affect and Reception of Celestina (1499/1502).”

>Julien J. Simon (Indiana University East)
“The Importance of Failure.”

>Ellen Spolsky (Bar-Ilan University)

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Lunch Break

Lunch Break

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Parallel session 2: “Poesía y ciencia”

“Processes of Empathy in Olvido García Valdés’ Poetry”
>Friederike Foedtke (Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel)

“Existencias sensibles a través del movimiento en André du Bouchet.”
>Candela Salgado Ivanich (Salamanca University)

“Ilación perceptivo-literaria en la poesía meditativa de Dominique Sampiero: fenómeno y cognición.”
>Lorenzo Piera Martín (Salamanca University)

“Poetry as a (not scientific) realism: G. Ferrater on the function of poetry in culture.”
>Lucas Capellas Franco (Pompeu Fabra University)

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Parallel session 1: “Science and Religion”

“Philip Sherrard – Poet-Prophet of Climate Change.”

>Christopher Howell (Elon University)

“18th and early 19th centuries in Greece: the conflict between positive sciences and the Greek Orthodox Church.”

>Maria Terdimou (Hellenic Open University)

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Welcome Coffe


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Inaugural Conference: “The Plague in Western Art”

10-11:00h  Inaugural Conference: “The Plague in Western Art.” Dr. Juan F. Campo (Càtedra de Ciències i Humanitats Dr. Bofill) (AUDITORI JOSEP IRLA)